Fruit juice that is useful to cough and cough | Healthy Food Pineapple

Fruit juice that is useful to cough and cough | Healthy Food Pineapple

Many suffer from coughing as the weather changes. If you have a cold, you have Nasal passages, sore throat or headache - which does not suit anybody. Many people start taking drugs if they have a slight cough. However, in addition to drugs, fruit juice plays a role in coughing.

Testy and nutritious pineapple healthy food pineapple is a great remedy for cough and cough. A study of 27 showed that pineapple is effective in the treatment of of tuberculosis. The soothe the throat and dissolve the cuff.

Being antibacterial antioxidant helps pineapple digest. At the same time, the immune system increases. The resulting into inflammatory factor plays a role in preventing allergy and Asthma.


1. Blend with a bowl of pineapple. Now add a teaspoon of honey to it. pineapple and honey both help to clear the throat and nose.

2. Blend pineapple in a bowl. Now add honey, one punch of pepper powder. Drinking this mixture three times a day will reduce the problem of cold and cough.

3. Blend one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of Ginger cucumber, one teaspoon salt, a little pepper powder in a cup of pineapple juice. Drink this mixture a Little 3 to 4 times day. This will reduce the problem of sore throat or cough.


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