Healthy Food Basil Leaves | Which is helpful in reducing weight

Healthy Food Basil Leaves | Which is helpful in Loss weight

Many people try to loss weight. But he repeatedly become frustrated at not being successful. In that case, Basil leaf ti can be a good way.

Basil Leaves have been used in ayurveda medicine since ancient times. There is no pair of basil leaves, especially to cure colds.

Basil Leaves help to increase metabolism. The better the metabolism, the calories will drop. Regularly eating the basil leaves, that toxins in the body released. Basil leaves contain high levels of calories, as are calories.

The simplest method of taking regular basil leaves is to soak a few leaves in water every night and drink them on an empty stomach in the morning. You can also add mint leaves and lemon juice to eat.

Basil Leaves is the best of all herbal leaves. If you do not like to eat it raw basil leaves,you can make tea with eat to loss weight.

How to Make basil tea :

1. 1 cup to Basil Leaves

2. 4 cups of water

Prepared recipe:- Boli the leaves in boiling water for a minute. Now pour it into a cup. Now make Basil tea with honey. You can drink this tea twice a day to get good results.


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