Healthy Food Banana

Healthy Food Banana Frofit For Health

Banana Is most Healthy Food in the world. in addition to eggs, milk, the banana can be found on many listings. Of course there are many reasons. There are many nutrients in the Apple. There is no banana pair for fast power. Therefore, Banana is given a place for breakfast in order to to maintain good health.

Despite the suggestion to eat healthy foods, experts are forbidden to put banana fruit in the list of snacks. Is playing a a banana on an empty stomach really a problem? What is the reason for the ban? Find-Out

Vitamin B3 is abundant in calories. Although it has nothing to do with vitamin C. A medium sized banana can give you 5% of of the body's essential  vitamin C.

Banana eliminates the problem of the problem of gasoline and digestion. It contents three natural sugars, sucrose, fructose and glucose. Cholesterol free energy is made in the body.

Healthy Food Banana sugar contains about 20% of the body's, acidic nature increase the amount of glucose.

Healthy Food Eating time

Healthy Food Bananas at the beginning of the day, in turn, makes  you feel more tired and hungry. In that case the damage of the body is much greater. Hunger increases so much that the weight of the body increases with the amount of food consumed. So Healthy Food Banana can be eaten at least an hour after breakfast, not on an empty stomach.


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